Typeform Alternative In WordPress: Is WPForms Best?

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Are you using some kind of a form on your WordPress website? What do you think about Typeform Alternative In WordPress: Is WPForms Best?

In this blog post we’ll break down WPForms and see how it compares to Typeform.

You know both of these forms allow you to build conversational forms on your website.

Conversational Forms Demo
Click the above image to check out the demo.

Table of Contents

What's Happening With Forms?

Every single business has a form that they use to collect leads.

Did you know that form abandonment is a serious problem.

Almost the entire majority of the people who start filling out a form leave it without completing it.

One of the best ways to find out what’s happening with your forms is to check Google Analytics because it can show you your form drop off rate.

Most forms are static and boring, that’s why there’s a drop-off rate.

Form drop-off rate means you could be losing a lot of money. Every lead that comes into your business is worth something, and you’ve got to fix this leaking pipe (a.k.a form).

That’s why there was the introduction of conversational forms.

These forms are interactive in nature and it holds people’s attention just like someone is talking to them. The success rate for such forms are very high.

Pros And Cons of Typeform.

Speaking of conversational forms, most people know of Typeforms.

They were the ones who actually introduced the conversational style of generating leads.

So it became known as conversational forms.

The advantage of having conversational forms is that it has higher engagement rate and there is no drop off of users who are filling the forms.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of typeform:


  • Creates Interactive Experiences.
  • Generates more responses.
  • No coding required.
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • Easy to create forms and surveys.
  • Integrates with a ton of different applications.
  • Has a bunch of templates to start with.
  • Has good documentation created for users.


  • You are limited to responses in each of their pricing plan.
  • Pricing plan is monthly that’s why the per year price is very high.
  • Even the free plan limits you the questions & responses you can collect.
  • It is hosted on their server so you will have to copy and store the data later for backup.
  • Each plan has certain restrictions limiting you the possibility to use however you want.

Just by looking at the cons, you’ll feel like they are controlling the features at each plan. Even if you wanted to use the higher plan of $70/month, you’ll be paying $840 per year, and you’re also limited to 10,000 responses per month. That’s crazy, right?

But WPForms highest plan is just $299.50 per year giving you unlimited features and responses you’re looking for.

The value for the price and the features you’re getting is way more WPForms than Typeform.


How WPForms Drops Form Abandonment Rate.

Let me help you understand how WPForms can help you drop form abandonment rate.

Did you know WPForms allows you to build conversational forms?

Yes, just by building conversational forms you are making sure the form is more interactive in nature and that people are engaged enough to fill the form all through to the end.

Since WPForms allows you to collect unlimited responses you are able to make sure you generate more leads for your business in whatever form you choose to build.

Let me show you a small demo of how the conversational form works.


The above form was built inside WPForms.

Now do you think that there would be a form abandonment rate? Hell No!

But if you build it with Typeform, you are just limited to how many responses you can collect. What if your website suddenly starts generating more responses than usual, would you want your form to have limited responses capabilities?

You know the answer – No.

You would want unlimited responses. – That’s why you should get WPForms.

It allows you to do that.

Let me help you understand some form types you wouldn’t even have thought about:

  • Survey Forms – Instead of overwhelming people with a lot of survey questions, if you can use the Conversational Forms’ and ask one-question at a time you will significantly be able to improve your survey completion rate.
  • Job Application Form – If you’re tying to hire people and asking them to fill the job application form, did you know that 60% of job seekers abandon the job application forms because they’re too long or complicated. Now that you can use conversational forms and make your job application forms easy.
  • Event Planning Form – For example you’re an event planner, you know how many questions you have to ask clients to plan the perfect event. The step by step, one question at a time approach helps you get the data you need without tiring your clients. I would rather use a form than get the time to get them on the phone to make 
  • User Registration Form – If you’ve created a registration form you can use conversational forms to improve your registration form conversation rate.
I hope atleast now I’ve helped you understand how WPForms stands out over Typeform.

Setting Up Form Abandonment On Your WordPress Website.

In order to setup WPForms you can following this tutorial below.

How To Create Conversational Forms Using WPForms.

The only way you are going to actually drop off abandonment rate in WPForms is by turning regular forms into conversational forms.

So, get WPForms by clicking here.

Then once you set up the form, you just need to enable conversational form mode on.

Here’s how you do that.


So if you get any of the paid version (and that covers the full year) and it’s cheaper than Typeform, you’ll be able to do it in no time.



I hope you read through this blog post and understood how WPForms is best and way better than Typeform.

I’ve listed a lot of reasons including the pros and cons of Typeform even though they look fancy.

You’ll be paying more for using the, but you’ll be saving and getting way more features and benefits if you’re sticking to WPForms.

So, if you’ve dug around and have understood why I’m saving you some much money, time and heartache, get for yourself WPForms.

Click here if you’re interested in WPForms.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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