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What is Affiliate Marketing?

You might be asking yourself “What is Affiliate Marketing?”. What the heck is it exactly?

Well, here is the answer:

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting a product or service of a person or a company to a customer who is in need of that product or service for a commission or a percentage of the product/ service.

If you even had the question in your mind “what is affiliate marketing?” this is it.

Whenever you promote a product or a service of someone to a customer who is in need of that service in exchange for a commission or percentage of that sale, it’s called as Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? How does Affiliate Marketing Work? How to Make your first Dollar Online?

If you want to learn how to make your very first Dollar through Affiliate Marketing skip to the end.

But I’ve written everything about Affiliate marketing below. This should help you.

Types of Affiliate Marketing:

Here I’m going the 3 Major types of Affiliate Marketing that many of us sign up for:

    1. Commission Based Affiliate Marketing: In a commission based affiliate marketing, you promote a product or service of a company but you only get paid a commission or a percentage of the sale when someone purchases it through your affiliate link. How does this work? You have to sign up as an affiliate of a company’s products or services and then they give you a unique link to promote their products. Once you get someone to make a purchase through your affiliate link, you can make a commission for that product. The percentages of commission vary and it depends on the company.
    2. Referral Based Affiliate Marketing: In a referral based affiliate marketing, you promote a product or service of a company but you only get paid a referral fee for the sale when someone purchases it through your affiliate link. How does this work? You have to sign up as an affiliate of a company’s products or services and then they give you a unique referral link to promote their products. Usually its a one-time fee for referring someone. Once you get someone to make a purchase through your referral link you can make a referral commission from the sale or a sign up you brought to the company.
    3. CPA Based Affiliate Marketing: (Cost Per Action Based Marketing) In a CPA based affiliate marketing, you promote a product or service of a company but you only get paid a commission when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. How does this work? You have to sign up as an affiliate of a company’s products or services and then they give you a unique link to promote their products. Usually, you cannot say the commission percentage for products in this category. Once you get someone to make a purchase through your unique link you can make a commission from the sale or a sign up you brought to the company.

Some Affiliate Marketing Terms You Should Know:

There is a list of Affiliate Marketing terms everyone should know. It will help you make a wise decision when choosing an affiliate program before you decide to go ahead promoting them. I’ve listed them all below:

1. Above the fold:

Whenever you first land on a website, you can only see a certain portion of the website before you scroll down. That area is called above the fold. If you build a website and the content that’s above the fold doesn’t capture your visitor’s attention within a matter of 3 seconds, you’ve lost them.

2. Advertiser:

An advertiser is a company that the affiliate (you) recommends. You might also see the term “merchant”.

3. Affiliate Network:

An Affiliate Network is a place which hosts a bunch of different affiliate products from different companies.

4. Affiliate:

An affiliate is someone (it is you) who goes and finds an affiliate product and tries to promote that product either on his/her website. What you are doing here is you are referring people who visit your website to those advertisers websites where the affiliate product is hosted in order to generate a commission for each sale made.

5. Affiliate Agreement:

An Affiliate Agreement is the terms of the agreement between the affiliate (you) and the affiliate network or company. Usually, the terms of the agreement are based on how you will promote the product and what you will receive as a commission in return for generating sales of the products you’ve promoted.

6. Affiliate Link:

Affiliate Link is a unique link given to you by the affiliate network or the advertiser, which will allow you to refer your website visitors to the advertiser’s website. This unique affiliate can be a unique ID or a link which allows the affiliate network to track all the visits to your website and the sales generated through your link.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending a company’s product via your own website or other means, in exchange for earning a commission or percentage when a sale is made.

8. Affiliate Network:

Affiliate Network is a place or you can say it is a marketplace where companies all over the world host their products and allow affiliates to promote it for them. Basically, the affiliate network creates a campaign with the advertiser and sets up the tracking along with the other marketing materials which the affiliates can use to promote so that they’re rewarded a commission on any sales they help generate.

9. Banner Ad:

A Banner Ad is just a banner that looks like a small banner advertisement that you should have seen on the sidebar of most websites. They are clickable, visual ads and if a visitor on your website clicks it they are usually taken to the advertiser’s website which hosts the affiliate product.

10. Chargeback:

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there in the market, sometimes what an advertiser will do is cut out the commission earned on a sale for whatever reason. In such cases, you can’t do much even after approaching the advertiser.

11. Click through rate:

Click-through rate (CTR) is actually the number of clicks that happen on a link or a banner Ad while considering the number of times the link or ad is shown to a website visitor. The number of times something is shown to a website visitor is called impressions. The click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

Example: CTR = No. of Clicks/ No. of Impressions.

12. Commission

A commission is a term which denotes the percentage of the money you make over an affiliate sale or a referral. Like people say: “I made $40 commissions over a $147 product sale as an affiliate”

13. Conversion:
A conversion is basically when a visitor actually converts to a buyer. Usually, if they say “I had 13 conversions on this affiliate product, it means 13 people bought the product through your affiliate link”.

14. Cookies:

Cookies are some files that get stored on your website visitor’s website once they click on the affiliate link on your site to the advertiser’s website. Mostly cookies keep track of your website URL and assign it to a unique ID, this allows the affiliate network to track every commission you the affiliate makes.

15. Cookie Expiration Date:

Most affiliate networks will set a date when their cookies will expire – It can be 30 days after being placed on the visitor’s computer or more.

16 Conversion Rate:

A conversion rate is the how much a thing converts. It is usually calculated by the dividing the number of conversions( sales or sign-ups) that has happened against the number of visitors over that particular affiliate link.  It is usually calculated in percentages.

Example: If 5 sales happen out of 100 visits to the advertiser’s site then it would be a conversion rate of 5%.

17. Cost per action (CPA):

In simple terms, it is the Cost for Each Action on your website. Basically, this relates to paying for advertising. If you are using Google Ads or other Ads like Facebook Ads to drive traffic, then CPA tells you how much it costs to convert a customer.

CPA makes sense or is relevant when you pay for advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other forms of Ads to drive traffic to your sales page. People use Paid Ads to drive traffic to the affiliate post or sales page to make sure the visitor converts into a paying customer.

Note: Always aim to keep your CPA as low as possible so that you can ensure your profits remain high.

18. Cost per click (CPC):

Cost per click(CPC) is how much it costs per click. It is also  The price you pay per click, usually on an advertising platform such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Similar to CPA.

19. Cost per thousand (CPM or CPT):

It is literally the cost you pay for 1000 impressions. It can be a link click or banner click or any link in your paid advertising.

People use the term CPM and you should be able to identify it immediately as soon as you see it.

20. Landing page
A landing page is a page which the visitor lands on after clicking your affiliate link. It is mostly the sales pages of the advertiser.

21. Publisher
If you are the affiliate marketer or the person promoting the product then you are the ‘publisher’.

Where Can I Find Affiliate Programs?

Usually, you can find a list of Affiliate Programs on Google.

A simple keyword search of “product name + affiliate program” on google will help you find any type of affiliate programs related to your niche.

But there are these major affiliate networks that host a lot of these affiliate products. Some of these sites are:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Share-a-sale
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Impact Radius
  5. Amazon Associates

There are many more affiliate programs on the internet. Many people have created products and services which you can find as a result of a simple google search.

Remember to use the search phrase on google search engine:

“[product name]” + “[affiliate program]”.

Doing this will help you find many affiliate programs that you can join and sign up as an affiliate. And start promoting them.

How To Promote An Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of ways people promote an affiliate program. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  1. Write a product review article on your blog or website.
  2. Send an email to your list (subscribers of your blog).
  3. Use social media as an attention to get people to buy.
  4. Make a YouTube Video reviewing the product.
  5. Ask the affiliate product owner to share your blog post which has the article.
  6. Run paid ads to those affiliate products. (Do this when you learn how to do it).

List of Affiliate Programs You Can Explore:

Here is a list of affiliate programs you can immediately use for and start promoting immediately.

Click here to see the top paying 100 different affiliate programs.

These affiliate programs can help you make more income. You can pick out your niche and start promoting them.

We have saved the trouble of you going and finding out which affiliate programs to promote.

How to Make Your First Dollar Using Affiliate Marketing?

I want you to download this list of top paying affiliate programs for various niches.

Here is what you are going to do:

  1. First, go through the product and understand who it is for, and whom it can help.
  2. Then if you have your blog already you can write a detailed review of the product. You have to explain what the product is about, how it can help the reader solve a problem, and how their life would be after they use the product.
  3. Next, you must include the affiliate link into the blog post at relevant places. (One on the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom of the post).
  4. Then your next step is to find people who are looking for the product, where they are and find what are they asking about that product.
  5. Your next step is to promote your blog articles for more people to know about it.
  6. You can promote the article on in the following ways:
  • Forums
  • Quora
  • Facebook Groups in your niche
  • Discussion groups
  • Share it on Pinterest
  • Make a YouTube video about it an include the affiliate product link in the description
  • Share your own Facebook wall
  • Share on your facebook page, etc

Try all these, keep promoting it for 30 days. You’ll know what people are looking for it, how you can help them. Go with the mindset to help them.

They may be looking for something else. See if that product has an affiliate program if it’s in your niche or industry. Sign up for their affiliate program and start promoting that with an article.

Keep trying this steps till you make your first dollar.

Below is the list of affiliate programs you can download for free and try promoting immediately.


List of Affiliate Programs You Can Download Now For Free:

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Good Luck with your Affiliate Marketing efforts.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer all your questions.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?


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