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How To Make A Wholesale Application Form For Your WooCommerce Store

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You know the #1 thing or question all wholesaler’s have in their mind is how they can get new customers. Do you know that if you can learn how to make a wholesale application form for your WooCommerce store, you’ll be able to increase the signups of new customers?

That’s why if you create a new wholesale customer signup landing page, you’ll be able to grow your business. No more worrying about how to find new customers.

Just by creating a wholesale new customer sign up page, and adding a button on your website, you’ll bring awareness to that fact that you’re open to working with new customers and when you integrate email follow-ups into the mix, you’ll be able to grow your customer base.

Even though they are potential customers or leads, you now have a possibility to convert them into paying customers by showcasing your brand, how other customers have benefited from working with your business, etc.

Note: In order to start a wholesale business online, use the Wholesale Suite Plugin.

In order to create your wholesale application form (landing page) use this plugin.

Your Wholesale Application Form Should Include The Following.


Your Wholesale Application Form a.k.a New Customer Signup form should include the following:

  1. List the benefits of Joining your Wholesale program.
  2. A filtration system to weed out the ones who aren’t the right fit for your business.
  3. Display social proof of people who have used your program and how it’s helped them.
  4. Include a clear call to action, i.e, sign up for the wholesale program.
  5. Mention the clear next steps, i.e, directions of what they need to do.
  6. Create An FAQ Section on your Page.
The landing page creator for creating your wholesale application form is going to be this landing page builder.
It comes with a wholesale registration form template that you can use. Let me breakdown in detail of what needs to be included so you can know for sure.

Element #1: Include An Outline Of The Benefits Of The Wholesale Program.

How To Make A Wholesale Application Form For Your WooCommerce Store
List the benefits of your Wholesale Program.

Your wholesale program sign up page or wholesale application form should always mention the benefits of signing up.

Don’t worry about the design, you can choose one of the designs available in this landing page software. All you need to care about is listing the benefits on that page.

So take sometime to list down all the benefits they would receive on joining your program. By listing your benefits you’re actually selling them on your wholesale program. Do it well!

Whenever you sell anything to a customer, you need to make sure that you’re telling them the benefits of your product. It’s selling 101, the basics if you will.

Do not worry about the design as I already said before, just list 3 to 5 points on what they would benefit from your joining your wholesale program.

You could even title the benefits on your landing page or wholesale program signup page as “Benefits of Joining Our Program”. This becomes very clear to your customers who land on your page.

Here is a list of things you could mention on the page:

  1. Custom Wholesale Pricing.
  2. Exclusive access to new products (first in line access or VIP access).
  3. Training Programs to sell products better.
  4. Customer support (Priority support).
  5. Promotional materials to help in product sales.

So just go ahead and create a list and then add them to the design of the landing page.

Element #2 – Finding Your Ideal Customers.

Earlier I said about the filtration system you need to have on your wholesale application form or wholesale customer signup form.

This is where you need to only get your ideal customers onto your landing page or form to signup. So in this case knowing your ideal target market and target customers is essential.

If you know them, it’ll become easier to mention them on your wholesale landing page or wholesale customer signup form.

I want you to create a landing page which clearly helps you filter out “unfit” customers out.

Being specific on your landing page about who your customers are is essential. One such example most people use is, “Only apply if you are selling X, Y,  Z type of products and make over $1 Million Dollars.”

This is just an example, but you need to pick and decide who you want to work with. Work with your ideal customers. Creating the page and mentioning them on your signup page is important, but finding them is also the next part of the equation.

You can run ads, reach out to businesses after you thoroughly research them and make them signup. This is how you can bring in new customers.

Just creating a landing page alone doesn’t do the work. Driving Traffic is the key.

Element #3 – Display Social Proof Of Customers.

If you’ve mentioned element #1 and #2, it’s time to go ahead and display testimonials or social proof of your existing customers.

Social proof shows how working with you and your business is like. It’s other customers telling the world about how great it is to work with you.

To create social proof you can use this software that will work on your landing page.

In the real world, people love case studies or success stories, here you need to display testimonials.

I would suggest you to use written or video interviews. They work well. Make sure to use real people’s pictures and names with their websites or stores.

What social proof does is:

  1. It tells them about your business and how well it’s working for others.
  2. Encourages new customers to sign up.
  3. Helps new customers get ready for the same kind of success they’ve been expecting and hearing from the others who’ve signed up before them.

Facts don’t sell, customer stories do!

Element #4 – Include A Call To Action (Register For The Wholesale Program).

How To Make A Wholesale Application Form For Your WooCommerce Store
Click on Image to Download The Wholesale Lead Capture Plugin.

Now that you’ve listed the benefits, showcased who you’re working with and listed previous customer’s testimonials, it’s time to ask them to register for your Wholesale Program.

It includes asking them to register on your wholesale application form.

You can use this WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture Plugin to help you design your lead generation form.

In order to install the plugin go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New and upload your lead capture plugin zip file. Once you’re done, Activate it.

All you need to do now is use one of those form templates and create it. It will generate a short code, take this short code and paste it on your landing page.

Now your landing page also has a registration form that will collect customer data, i.e, your new customer signup data.

With this data, you can reach out to them and convert them into a customer.

Element #5 – Mention The Next Steps Clearly.

Once people signup to your wholesale program through your wholesale application form that you’ve created using this software plugin, it’s time to guide them accordingly.

People need to know what they should do next or how they should work with you.

I’m sure they’ll be wanting to know the process or next steps of working with you as a wholesale customer.

Here’s what you can do to work this out:

  • Create a timeline for your new customers who signup.
  • Divide the whole process into workable time-frames, individual step, etc.
  • Get all that they need to submit to work with you.
  • Send them all the necessary documentation they need to onboard your program.
  • If you have questions you can email or call them.
  • List the terms and conditions of working with you.
  • Send them an agreement once they qualify. Once of the core needs of working with a wholesalers is the minimum order requirements they have to adhere to.

I would say that it’s best if they be communicated that once they signup.

Find anything that would be essential to onboard the client and get them ready to work with you. Do not miss out on anything as it would later create problems.

Element #6 – List An FAQ Section (On The Landing Page).

Have you seen landing pages before? You know that they always have an FAQ section on the bottom of their page.

This will help you answer any possible questions or doubts they might have in the process of generating your customer leads.

Most landing page software’s have that FAQ section. The landing page software I recommended before has the element where you can drag and drop it to the bottom to close the clients who might have extra questions.

Try to think of the main questions they would have in their minds on registering to work with your wholesale program. List them out and answer them.

Bonus: You can add a customer support or chat on the side to answer additional questions.

Our main focus is to close customers so make sure you do that well. Close only your ideal customers.

How To Make A Wholesale Application Form For Your WooCommerce Store
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I hope you finally learned how to make a wholesale application form for your WooCommerce store. This wholesale customer registration page or signup page will be a surefire method to closing new customers.

Without a signup page, people don’t know how they can work with you.

You should be sure to mention all the essential elements that I’ve listed here on your wholesale customer signup landing page without which your success rate won’t be there.

You should be sure to use this landing page software as it has all the design elements for your Wholesale program.

Next, once your page is done, be sure to drive enough traffic of your ideal customers and now you can turn them into paying wholesale customers.

In order for the business to grow you need a wholesale signup program built to increase new customer signups for your Wholesale business. Do It!

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. I’ll be sure to answer it.

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