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Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

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Do you know why businesses that use coupons make more money? Do you want to learn why setting expiry date time is good for coupons?

Since you’ve heard coupons are one of the most efficient ways to drive sales and also keep customers happy. It’s like win-win. Also, you should keep in mind that you should be careful that you create coupons that expire. If you don’t then, you’ll see how customers take advantage of that offer or even fail to act.

So be very careful when creating coupons inside your WooCommerce store.

So in today’s article, I’ll show you what you do so make sure you create coupons with an expiry date and time. But in order to do that, you need to install Advanced Coupons.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why Should You Set Coupon Date & Expiry Times.

So as I’ve told you earlier that you we have to use coupons to make business grow, so if you all of your customers are using coupons then you might assume that using coupons was a great strategy for your business.

However if you’re creating coupons and don’t put a limit on it, people will start to use it again and again and you’ll be out of business or even negative margins.

That’s why you should set expiry dates and times when you create coupons, then the customers will be able to use the coupon codes right before the offer ends.

If you create coupon codes only for the holidays then make sure to configure that coupon code offer on the backend of your WooCommerce store so that the coupon expires at the right time. This should all be done way in advance and not during the time of the holidays.

So if you want that, you will not be able to find all the settings in just your regular WooCommerce plugin, you need the Advanced Coupons Plugin, click the button/link below to get it.

Good thing you have here is that WooCommerce in the backend allows you to set the Expiry Date.

But you will not be able to set the time when it should expire. That features isn’t available. So since that feature isn’t available, you need a way out.

Below is an example image of backend of WooCommerce store.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

You can easily find coupon start and expiry dates in the backend, but there are some more features that you need to make sure that only limited coupons or coupon usage restriction is also set in place.

Coupon usage restrictions is where you can configure the coupon to work only when the customer spends over X amount or spends below Y amount. This is cool feature that you may not find by default inside WooCommerce plugin in the backend. These kind of coupon usage conditions can be done either on a single item that you have on sale or create offers on the backend or even make it work on specific products on the store too.

Because the default features don’t have that, you have to get Advanced Coupons plugin to help you create or make up for the lack of inadequacies. 

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons.

How Should You Set Up A WooCommerce Coupon Expiry Time.

Like I’ve told you before, since those features are not there inside WooCommerce, you must get this plugin – Advanced Coupons. This will help you create all kinds of coupon codes or discount codes which you set as offers with timings, conditions, features, etc.

So go ahead and get Advanced Coupons Plugin now.

The biggest benefit and reason why I advice you to get Advanced Coupons plugin is because you’ll be able to dramatically improve your WooCommerce store sales.

You’ll be able to create coupon usage restrictions on the backend, you’ll be able to limit coupon usage to people from a certain location, etc.

Would you like the following to happen to your WooCommerce store:

With Advanced Coupons you can do all of the above, you can set usage limits so that each coupon code that you create will work only the limit you’ve set and nothing more.

I’m sure you want to use an expiry date/time for your coupon, so if you don’t have that inside WooCommerce, Advanced Coupons plugin will help you do that. All you need to do is download it and install it and link it up.

This is how you get the coupon expiry date and time to work for your WooCommerce store.

Now if you want to create a new coupon.

Head over to your WordPress dashboard and under the Advanced Coupons tab on the left below WooCommerce, you should click on Coupons >> Add New.

And this will help you create a new coupon code.

Below is an example of that. You can change the coupon code value too.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

After you’ve created the coupon code, you need to add the description for your own reference only.

Then, if you scroll a bit down, you’ll see Coupon data Section.

In that, you should see the Scheduler tab. Click on it and you’ll be able to see the option to set the start and expiry dates and times.

Go ahead and set your coupon’s start and expiry dates/times with the exact time you want it to start/expire. It will start working for you once you hit Save button.

Here’s what it will look like for you in the background.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

One of the finest benefits that you as a store owner will get to enjoy is that your customers cannot use the coupon outside of the window that they’re actively on. If they do that, an error message will display.

This feature is handy for you and it’s handy for them because they have to take action and use that coupon code before the timer of the coupon runs out and they cannot use it multiple times.

You can edit the error message that should display to on the front end when they try to use it outside the time limit or the window of coupon expiry. Make sure to be descriptive of the coupon message so that customers will know that the coupon has expired and they no longer can use it and not blame the coupon usage on the store.

After you’ve set up the coupon’s expiry date you’ll be able to decide what offer you’re going to associate this coupon with. So now whenever you display a coupon for use, people will know that this coupon only works on certain products on the store.

As you should be aware by now that the timer you’ve set for your Coupons will work in accordance to your store time zone that you’ve set in the settings of your store. Be sure to check time zones before you run offers so that your store’s coupon codes work within the time zones or be sure to display the coupon code expiry with the time zone when displaying or advertising it on the store.

Does it make sense? Good then go ahead and do it.

How To Go About Scheduling A Coupon Inside WooCommerce.

Sometimes you need more help in learning how to schedule a coupon in WooCommerce at the backend, that’s what I’m going to help you here with.

As you know I’ve told you before that by default you can’t just schedule a coupon with expiry date/time at one shot since it wasn’t built in WooCommerce plugin. But there’s another plugin, Advanced Coupons that can help you with it.

Having this plugin will allow you to advertise or even show it up on your store about the coupon code start & end dates/times.

If you schedule your coupon you will have control over the usage of it. No one can misuse it!

Now you’re wondering how to schedule a coupon inside WooCommerce using the Advanced Coupons  plugin.

So let me help you out. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1 – Set The Start Date.

You cannot set the start date simply, have Advanced Coupons installed first.

You must take note that every coupon that you create on the backend, it is actually like a post that you write on the blog. That’s why posts have that scheduling capabilities so now your coupon codes also behave the same way.

Now once you create the coupon code as taught in the above steps, you will be able to schedule it like post, with the right start date and right time. 

So, complete the step 1, by setting the start date and time on the backend with the help of advanced coupons plugin.

Step 2 – Set The Start Date Of The Coupon & Add A Message To Display When Someone Uses It.

Since you’re using Advanced Coupons plugin, you should be able to see those extra features appear on your backend. Make use of it.

After you install the plugin, set the date, create the coupon, now you can edit that coupon and scroll down to the Scheduler tab under the Coupon Data section as seen below.

That’s where you’ll be able to see the start date and start time option. Go set them there.

There are four options as you can see below. Use the top 2 to set the start date and time.

What this means for the customers is that once you set this date, that’s when the customers can start using the coupon code.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

In the second box below the first one, you can set a custom message to people who will try to use this coupon code. Sometimes some people will try to use it before the time this coupon should work to them you can show this message that you’ve typed here.

In the example below, it’s typed, “Sorry this deal hasn’t started yet!”.

This will remind them that they can’t use this coupon code yet and should wait for the right time.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

The default message isn’t nice to read or tell the customer.

The default message is “Coupon doesn’t exist!”. It’s not good at all. Change that for your customers.

Once someone uses the coupon code ahead of time, you’ll be able to see what it looks like on the front end.

You can even test it out for yourself. (Example below).

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

Step 3 – Set The End/Expiry Date Of The Coupon & Add A Message To Display To Visitors.

Now go ahead and set the 3rd and 4th box as in the image below.

It will allow you to set the end date and time.

The 4th box will allow you to display a message to your visitors. In case the coupon code has expired, you can show that or add that message there.

If you want you can add a link to another offer so people know that this coupon code has expired but they can take advantage of another offer you have. This way you don’t miss out on sales.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

Once you’ve set this up, you need to hit Update button and your front end will show that message you set on the backend.

Below is the test example of that.

Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons

Take note, don’t rely on the default message that’s there or not there. Make sure to add a message that makes sense to them and they know it’s clear and to the point.

If the flow is smooth, your customers will get it if not they’ll get mad.

Now you know how to set up a coupon code using Advanced Coupons plugin on the backend of your WooCommerce store.


Whenever there’s a coupon, everyone get’s excited to use it.

But when you create coupons that can be used over and over again and it doesn’t have a limit or expiry date, customers take advantage of them. That’s why you need to use expiry timers and dates that will make them take advantage of products within a certain time limit or not take coupons for granted.

Coupon codes can increase sales but it also affect your business if it’s not properly handled and managed.

WooCommerce plugin can only do very little for your store, but when you use Advanced Coupons, you’ll do a whole lot better.

You’ll be able to:

  • Set your coupon’s date and expiry timers.
  • Show coupon message to your store visitors.
  • Show error messages if they use coupon outside of the time limit you’ve setup.
  • Set up advanced rules and functions on the backend.

If you loved this article, go ahead and get Advanced Coupons Plugin and set your store up for success!

I hope you’ve learned Why Setting Expiry Date Time Is Good For Coupons.

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