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Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

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Are you finally looking to create Surveys & Polls on your website? Finally, you can learn how to create spectacular WordPress Polls & Surveys using the WPForms Surveys and Polls addon.

It has become available for download now. You can download WPForms here and install the addon to get started.

The reason why I recommend you to use WPForms to create spectacular polls on your WordPress website is because it has got the drag & drop form builder. This makes it super easy for you to create surveys and polls, and also make it interactive for your customers.

There may be many other plugins and softwares out in the market, but WPForms is the best when it comes to creating forms, calculators, polls and surveys that can be set to work right within your WordPress website.

It is considered one the best WordPress survey and polls plugin amongst the others in the market.

You may or may not have seen or heard of other WordPress plugins that do survey, but what they lack is they don’t have those extra capabilities to show you reports and data. With every survey and poll you create, you need the data from them to make marketing decisions to grow your business. WPForms survey and polls addon of the plugin helps you do so because they’ve built it up to the world-class reporting system that you might just rave about.

By nature, building a survey that’s easier to build, beautiful to look at, etc. has been difficult. Most people use the cloud apps of other software companies to build them, but they cost more. WPForms have done a great job so that you don’t have to pay those high monthly subscription fees with third-party branding attached to it. You can create them all within your website, with ease and set it up in minutes.

If you love drag and drop builders, you can easily play with WPForms and use all of it’s powerful features to build you a spectacular WordPress Poll and Survey for your website.

In order to convince you more, I want you to take a look at the features that comes with this plugin.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

Smart Survey Fields.

Inside, there’s this option where instead of creating duplicate form fields for surveys, the survey in completely integrated to it’s existing form fields.

What this means is that you don’t have to drag and drop and survey radio button to the form that you’re building. With just a single click you’ll be able to convert an already existing form into a survey form right there on your website.

Below is the thing we’re referring to.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

On the backend, you’ll see Surveys and Polls. This option won’t be checked or enabled by default. If you enable these two options, all the form fields will be converted into smart survey fields.

Every survey form has the following things like text field, dropdown field, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. All of that can be converted immediately into a smart survey.

WPForms team has also added a new feature called Likert Scale field. These things are important for surveys.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

The Best Survey Reports

If you’re creating a survey, you’ll need to see the results of the survey right? Usually, they’re called reports.

WPForms team have put more effort into creating the best in the world survey reports.

If you’re wondering what makes WPForms survey reports the best in the world, than the other competitors in the market, here’s why:

1. Create Beautiful Visual Reports That You Can Customize.

Besides creating beautiful visual reports, they have this real-time insights feature that will help you to automatically build a beautiful report. This comes with the best visualizations for each type of question you select.

In case you want to change the visualization type, you can change it anytime. Basically, it’s customizable.

Refer the image below.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

2. Retroactively Enable Survey Reports On Older Forms On Your Website.

I’m sure that you have forms on your website that are older. If you turn on the below feature, you’ll be able to turn any existing form fields into a smart surveys.

So now if you want to convert any existing form into a survey, just edit the form you want to convert into survey and click on the Surveys and Polls tab, and enable both of these settings.

Take a look at the below image so you’ll understand.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

Just by editing a form on your website, you’ve changed how it’s perceived. There aren’t any other survey form on the market that does this.

So, that’s why WPForms is the best. Click here to download WPForms.

3. Generate Real-time Polls Report.

There is another great feature that allows you to see real-time reports.

WPForms can help you show real-time poll reports. So every time some user submits the form, you’ll instantly be able to see the results.

The best way to take this polls game to the next level would be embed it into your WordPress sidebar widget, inside a blog post, inside a page or footer or header of your website.

You now have the ability that no other survey form has.

See it real-time in action below.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

4. Ability To Export/Share Individual Charts To Others.

We all take surveys for various reasons. But the ability to share that survey results feature isn’t there with most survey plugins or tools.

Since you now what to share the survey results publicly, you can do this with this plugin. You can share it with the world, insert it into presentations, share on your website or even on social media.

You also have the ability to export the survey reports. You can also choose to if you want, to export individual charts in the form of PDF or JPG on the backend with just a single click.

Now you can use them easily on your presentations or even blog posts.

Below you’ll find the option to export your survey reports.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

5. Generate Customizable Print Styles.

Sometimes, you’ll be working on a written proposal, that time you’ll be needing to print those survey reports. You now have the option to print these as well.

Does the other plugins or software have them? I don’t think so.

This plugin, has a lot of beautiful print-styles that you can choose from before you print your survey reports.

If you want, you can also customize the print reports. This will help you fit the print size you’re choosing to go ahead with.

Sometimes you’ll want only specific questions or graphs, you can choose them specifically too.

Does the other plugins have this ability? No!

Download WPForms and get the PRO license to use it for your business.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

Powerful Survey Logic.

So when you’re creating survey questions, you’ll sometimes want to make them logical, so that you show questions that follow up based on their logical flow that you choose to ask someone.

You have this powerful feature inside WPForms.

Creating a powerful survey logic wows a customer to see the power of survey that’s specifically tailored or customized for them.

Because of that you’ll be able to gather data and make better decisions.

To enable conditional logic, see the image below.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

There’s also this option to randomize the order of items that you’ve put into your MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions a.k.a radio buttons). Now you can choice bias from those surveys.

To do so, head over to the Advanced Tab Options and go enable Randomize options like in the screenshot below.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]

Lots Of New Form Templates.

Creating survey forms would be much better if you had templates in place to get started. That’s what this new release has a bunch of new form templates for you.

WPForms was the first to start creating form templates.

Now you install the Survey and Polls addon on the backend, choose the new form templates and quickly create a survey or poll type of form.

Below you’ll see the option to select the right template.

Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers [WPForms]


So yeah, if you want to create spectacular WordPress polls and survey right within your WordPress website, go ahead and install the new surveys and polls addons that comes with WPForms and get started create your beautiful new forms.

This will help you gain new customers for your business.

You however need a WPForms Pro Licence. Click here to get started today.

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