Top 5 Work From Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today (Earn Big Income Online)

Top 5 Work From Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today
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Are you looking for some Work From Home Business Ideas?

With the Internet accessible to all of us, everyone is at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, now you can sit at home and start a business. Just by sitting in your pyjama’s or your shorts you now have the ability to build a six figure to a million dollar business.

You don’t need any huge investment to kickstart a business. You just need a laptop, an internet connection and the time to dedicate into building your 6 figure business. All I ask of you is to choose one model so you can start immediately and go from there.

The following work from home business ideas that I’m about to share with you can be the taking off point towards a whole new career in your life.

You may even begin to wonder if you really need a day job. You’ll be earning way more doing this.

So without further ado, let us dive into it:

Top 5 Work From Home Business Ideas.

Table of Contents

Before we get into all 5 Work From Home Business Ideas, I’d like to say that these business ideas may require initial work upfront, but they will build up slowly into a huge 6 Figure Business or a Million-Dollar Business.

Thousands of people have done it, and there are tons of evidence lying around on the internet. Maybe you may not believe that’s it’s possible but there are people exactly like you who have done it and have had success, money and fame come towards them from all directions.

So, if you want that to happen to you as well, you should get started doing the same. Keep in mind that all that I say won’t skyrocket you to success immediately but they are all legit business ideas that will give you the opportunity to make real money online. It’s just that it takes some time.

Do not buy into any get rich quick scheme or push button software out there. They are a deception to all the newbies out there. Try what I have to share with you and you’ll begin to see results slowly trickling in and you will eventually build a business that make 6 Figures.

All I ask is to give yourself time and some grace to see this through.

Now, let’s get into each of these highly effective and powerful business models that allows you to work from home.

Content Format of This Blog Post.

1. Work From Home Business Idea Topic.

2. Brief Introduction About It.

3. Why You Should Start It.

4. How To Make An Income With It.

5. Potential For 6 Figures Or More.

Start A Blog.

Blogging is a great business model which is one of the work from home business ideas. When you start a blog, you just need to choose a niche topic that you love talking about and go from there.

Most businesses out there started a blog to attract readers and turned them into customers. When you start a blog, you’ll learn so much about what to say in your writing, how to write that speaks to your potential customers, what triggers them and what evokes an emotion or response in them.

Most people feel they are not good at writing, that’s actually not true. If you have completed school or you know basic English, this can be a great platform to just write new blog posts everyday and start sharing your ideas, thoughts, topics or advice with the world.

Why You Should Start Blogging.

Blogging will help share your message, thoughts, ideas with the world. It will also help you showcase your expertise.

If you love to talk about any subject, you just need to write up a blog post and then share it with the world through social media and other platforms like Pinterest so that you can get found.

When you blog, you know how to speak to your audience, your customer and move them into trusting you enough to purchase your products and services when you create them.

If you feel you’re not good at articulating your words then you can definitely start a YouTube Channel and do a video blog.

How To Make An Income With Blogging.

Bloggers generally think that you only make money by allowing ads on your website or blog. There’s more ways to make an income with your blog.

#1 – Income with Google AdSense and other Ad networks.

#2 – Income with Affiliate Products.

#3 – Income with Own Digital Products.

#4 – Income with Services.

#5 – Income with Coaching & Consulting.

#6 – Income from YouTube Channel linked to your blog.

Digital Products (E-books & E-Courses) is a great way to monetize your blogging business. And overtime this business income will grow and compound and you’ll be making well over six figures. It just requires little bit of time.

Potential For Six Figures With Blogging.

There are thousands of examples of people all over the internet who have used blogging to make six figures online.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income makes Six Figures Per Month – See Income Reports.

Michelle of Making Sense of Cents makes Six Figures Per Month – See Income Reports.

There are thousands of bloggers who have made six figures or more with their blogs. They just have used a bunch of monetization techniques that worked for them.

You too can start now and make 6 figures in just about 12 months to 18 months time. The only thing is you need to be consistent every week with it.

Start A YouTube Channel.

Starting a YouTube Channel is Free. You can literally start your channel around any topic and you’ll be able to grow an engaged audience who love to watch or listen to you.

A YouTube channel is also one of the work from home business ideas, that will drive a lot of people to your business.

Once you have a following you can do whatever you want with that audience you’ve built up. They will follow you and listen to you, and you can easily monetize it. This will give you the ability to share your message, your thoughts, your ideas, maybe even sell the products you create for your audience.

Most people who say doing YouTube is therapeutic. You will begin to love creating videos and you’ll start to see getting lots of views, and overtime you’ll rake up a huge audience and a following. They will be your number #1 fan.

Why You Should Start A YouTube Channel.

YouTube channel is the fastest way to get found online. In 2020 and beyond YouTube is the only business model that hasn’t disappeared. There were so many social media platforms that have come and gone.

But YouTube has always been there and people who start now are able to really monetize and build solid businesses that earn them six figures in a years time.

Here are some reasons why you should start a YouTube Channel:

#1 – You love to share Ideas and thoughts.

#2 – You love to make videos or watch videos.

#3 – You can make income as well as build a following.

#4 – If no one knows who you are, YouTube is the place to start.

#5 – Get found very quickly because you have an YouTube Channel.

#6 – Just with a YouTube following you can grow all other social media channels.

But if you don’t start a channel now, a year from now you’ll regret that you could have started so that you would be making the kind of money you wanted. Don’t live the life of “What If’s”.

Remember that without an audience or a following you’ll be no-one. Start one and keep adjusting and moving along with what works on your Channel.

How To Make An Income With A YouTube Channel.

Most YouTuber’s only rely on the Ads Income on their channel. But I’m gonna share with you other ways you can make an income off of your channel.

#1 – Income from Brand Sponsorships.

#2 – Income from Collaborations.

#3 – Income from Affiliate Promotions.

#4 – Income from Selling your products and Services.

#5 – Income from selling your own merchandise.

#6 – Income from selling your coaching & consulting offers.

Literally there are tons of ways to make money with a YouTube Channel. At first you need to get found, build an audience and then start monetizing it.

If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you can turn on YouTube Ads to start earning from it.

Potential For Six Figures With A YouTube Channel.

The potential six figures from a YouTube is always there. It may take some time to get to your first 1000 subscribers and then to your 10K subs or 100K subs.

But I would advice you that don’t rely on YouTube Ad Income. It’s gonna be disappointing because ads are shown based on relevance and target demographic of the people who watch your videos.

You can use the above listed monetization methods and make really huge income with your YouTube Channel.

Keep making content and allow your channel to grow. Then implementing /offering all the above monetization methods on your channel and see how you make more money than the average YouTuber.

Publish A Book or Ebooks.

Publishing books is a great way to kick start your home business. It’s a great work from home business ideas that will launch you as an expert.

Whether you consider yourself as an expert or not, you will become one when you publish a book. Amazon is the #1 marketplace with billions of people shopping online everyday.

So once you publish a book and announce it on social media, you’ll find people purchasing your book. People on Amazon will also discover your books and purchase them to read it.

Heck, if you think it’s tedious, just open Google docs and outline ten 10 chapters and you’ll be able to complete an eBook in less than 3 hours.

You can then sell that on on your own blog or website for a few bucks. This will be a great way to share what you know about a subject and start monetizing it.

Why You Should Publish A Book or Ebooks.

Publishing a book positions you as an expert, and in doing that you can position yourself to be the go-to person on which you can build your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should publish a book or ebooks:

#1 – You want to be perceived as an author.

#2 – You want to kickstart your business as an expert.

#3 – You want to monetize a following.

#4 – Make passive income on Amazon.

#5 – Make income selling ebooks on your website.

#6 – Get found by others in your industry and get paid to speak because of your book.

There are many reasons why you should think about publishing a book or even writing and selling your ebooks on your website or blog.

How To Make An Income With A Book or Publishing Ebooks.

You can make great income just by listing your book on Amazon. The physical copy of the book will bring in huge revenue.

You can turn your digital copy of your book into a kindle book which thousands of people will buy from the kindle store.

Listing your ebooks on your website is a great way to make direct income from your blog.

Once you start listing your books your income will grow from there to selling coaching, consulting and other services.

You can opt for paid speaking gigs which will pay you big money because of your book and expertise. I want you to start calculating the potential of even selling 100s and 1000s of books and also getting invited to paid speaking gigs.

Potential For Six Figures With Books.

The potential for six figures is already there. There are thousands of people who have made six figures.

The book alone is just an exposure medium that positions you as a source of authority.

The other forms of monetization like starting a YouTube Channel, building a blog, monetizing your social media channels with brand sponsorships, etc will supplement to your earnings into a six figure income.

From your books you can easily get to your five figure income per month and from your speaking gigs you may easily hit six figures.

Start Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is when you are promoting other people’s products using your own unique affiliate link and making commissions whenever someone buys through your unique affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the work from home business ideas that will give you the direct source of income just by promoting a product that’s already selling.

So when you promote a product using your affiliate link, and someone buys it, you earn a commission. This is in fact the best method of monetizing your business at the start when you have no products created yet.

You can start making money right away using affiliate marketing. This will help you build your business with inflow of cash coming in.

Why You Should Start Affiliate Marketing.

Starting with Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple. Here are my reasons why:

#1 – You get to make money right away when some buys through your affiliate link.

#2 – Promoting High Ticket Affiliate products will allow you to earn big commissions.

#3 – It helps you know what kind of products your audience wants. (This helps in the creation of your future products).

#4 – Perfect business model for newbies to start with and experienced people to add an income stream to their portfolio of multiple income streams.

#5 – Creating products is time consuming. (It involves product creation, copywriting, designing, payment processing, refunds, cancellations, etc). All of that takes for ever if you don’t have the skills it requires to launch a product into the market.

So likewise there are many ways, you will eventually figure it out as you do more of this.

How To Make An Income With Affiliate Marketing.

In order to make an income with affiliate marketing, you can start a YouTube channel, or a blog or build an audience on Facebook.

Later you can start to review products on your channels and ask people to buy through your link.

Now from here, you can use the monetization methods I’ve listed under how to make an income with blogging to your list.

Adding them will help you make even more income from your own products, or paid consultations or even coaching for that matter.

People would want to know how you’re becoming successful with affiliate marketing.

Potential For Six Figures With Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make six figures. If you choose the right products you can make six figures.

The recurring income products and high ticket income products are the ones you can focus which will give you big commissions month after month.

Now if you build a list of a thousand people you can monetize them to six figures. Your first source would be through the affiliate products you promote. Secondly you can also earn an income from the YouTube Channel you create.

Thirdly, you can offer coaching and consulting to your members, subscribers and your email list. All of the above will make you your six figures in a year.

Offer Coaching & Consulting Services.

Coaching & Consulting is one of the highest paying gig ever. It is also one of the best work from home business ideas that you can start.

If you have some level of expertise in any subject, you can create a website and list your services with your pricing.

Now you can go on social media and find your ideal clients by positioning that you can help coach your clients with their problems or help them get to a goal.

This is easily one of the six figure if not seven figure businesses out there.

I’ve seen people doing $5K or even $10K their first month in business. So you must tap into this business model. And best of all you can work from home.

Why You Should Start Offering Coaching & Consulting.

Coaching & consulting offers are mostly required by people who can afford to pay you to help them solve that problem.

So not only it is a good income source but you’re able to actually provide expert advice. You can be an expert in any topic to offer coaching & consulting packages. It’s a big income earning business model.

How To Make An Income With Coaching & Consulting.

To start making an income with coaching & consulting, you’ll have to create coaching & consulting offers on your website.

Then set prices and payment processing systems in place to ensure you can lock your clients for your services.

Then outreach on social media, on groups, direct messages on Instagram or Facebook to find your potential clients to coach and consult them in the area of your expertise.

You can build authority with an YouTube Channel as well as use your books on Amazon to get you your clients.

Potential For Six Figures With Coaching & Consulting.

There are many coaches and consultants who are able to command high prices and make multiple six figures with this business model.

If you even offer a coaching service for $5k and get 3 clients each month you’ve already reached your six figure a year income. Most coaches I’ve seen make well over $30K from the coaching & consulting practice.

To get started you just need to build expertise and authority to build your coaching or consulting business. So yes, there is huge potential for multiple six figures.



Try out these 5 Work From Home Business Ideas and in a year’s time you’ll be making at least 5 figures or 6 figures (If you did it everyday).

These 5 work from home business ideas are legit business ideas that stand the test of time and uncertainity and it’s here to help you make more money online even while staying at home in your shorts or pyjamas.

Go make yourself proud by building these businesses and make more money to quit your day job.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments below.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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