WPForms Vs Gravity Forms: Which Is The Best Option?

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms
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WPForms Vs Gravity Forms – these two are the best in the market but I’m sure you’re looking to find out more of what these plugins can do.

Let’s find that out together in this blog post, shall we?

If you’re running an online business of some kind whether it’s a blog or a website that sells stuff online or your a coach or consultant you would know that your website uses forms.

I’m sure that every website or blog uses the contact form. It’s the one form that goes on your contact page.

I don’t know which one you use. Regardless of what you use, I want you to consider reading this post.

Here are some of the common uses of forms:

  • Create a contact form.
  • Create a form to book your coaching services.
  • Create a form to collect payment for something you’re offering.
  • Create a quote form.
  • Create a registration form.
  • Newsletter signup form.
  • Create a suggestion form where you ask your users for suggestions.
  • And much more.

Although your needs may vary my guess is that you’re reading this post because you need some more information in helping you decide if WPForms is better than Gravity Forms or vice versa.

Let’s dig a little deeper into both of them and uncover to find the best option.

About WPForms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms is a WordPress drag and drop form builder plugin. It’s being used by 2,000,000+ Professionals to build smarter forms and surveys.

It is built for WordPress users who need to create a form such as a contact form. It is actually the most beginner-friendly form builder, which can help you create forms easily without any confusion or struggle.

All you need to do is drag and drop the elements within the WPForms feature available and you can quickly set up a form with the fields you need. It has so many built-in templates allowing you to launch WordPress forms just on the click of a mouse. It is also easy to customize the pre-built form templates according to your needs.

What I love about WPForms is that it reduces the time spent on creating forms. You can do them in a few minutes.

Whether you want to create a simple contact form or a user registration form, it’s quite simple to create them using templates available in their library.

Also, WPForms has so many premium add-ons that allow you to do be creative things like adding polls and surveys to your forms. With WPForms you can build any type of form with ease and that’s what I like about it – and you can get what you need.

About Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is also another most popular form builder plugins used in WordPress websites. It also has the ability to create all types of forms in WordPress. It also comes with a form builder that helps you create simple-to-complex forms.

If we look at the features aspect of Gravity Forms it allows you to build complex forms because of its super-flexible functionalities. You can easily create forms that are responsive to spam filters, add payment gateways, launch surveys, get online bookings, and more.

More or less like WPForms but it allows for more complexity.

Gravity Forms has everything you need to create WordPress forms. It sure is a premium plugin along with a few exceptional addons that you can work really well for your website.

Ease of Use

In terms of the ease of use, WPForms has a simple drag and drop form builder that can be used to easily create WordPress forms in just a few minutes. You won’t have to stress over hiring a developer or writing any line of code to create your forms, nor there is an issue with routing the contact info that someone fills in the forms to your assigned email address for delivery.

It allows you to easily add or remove form fields with the click of the delete option right next to each field. You can easily rearrange the fields while creating your forms because of the drag and drop functionality. It shows you a live preview of the changes you’ve made, therefore you don’t have to switch between your browser tabs to see the final form in action.

Even with the multiple addons and multiple pre-built templates, it makes everything easier. You keep what you want, remove what you want to add new features. Just install the addons you want and those features are activated for you.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

While Gravity Forms also has a similar drag and drop feature allowing you to easily add form fields and quickly create forms. It also allows you to create complex forms as well. But there’s a bit of learning curve when creating those complex forms.

Each and everything thing inside Gravity Forms builder has fields located on the right end where you need to manually click and add new fields. Since there’s no preview of the form fields on the same page, you’ll have to click on the ‘Preview’ button every time you want to view the changes.

With Gravity Forms ease of use and complexity, you’ll have to manually add the form fields every time as there are no pre-built form templates available.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

So clearly you can see that WPForms stands out here.

Features & Addons

So let’s talk about the features and addons of WPForms Vs Gravity Forms.

Since WPForms is a feature-rich contact form plugin. It allows you to create simple-to-advanced forms easily.

Here are all the features and addons that WPForms has within its functionality.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an advanced tool so it allows you to create forms that meet your complex requirements.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms

This should help you decide which of them has the features that would meet your needs.

Community & Support

Regarding the community and support of WPForms is perfect as they have it all in place. Their features and addons are well-explained in the extensive documentation, covering every factor you’d need to know to create your forms in WordPress.

Their blog articles also cover a lot of stuff. And their support is offered by a ticket-based email support system. Their support is fast and highly rated by its users.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms also has extensive and detailed documentation that guides you through to help you easily create forms.

And when it comes to their support, you are provided support according to the license you purchase. Although they have an Elite license plan that has priority support, while other licenses have only 1 year of ticket-based support. This might not appeal to you because we all want support on the products and services we purchase.

So to me, WPForms would be a better option because you can easily get help if you need support and extra help.


After we’ve gone through all the features, ease of use and support & documentation you’ll probably want to learn if the pricing is worth it.

Let’s take a look and I’ll let you decide.

Here’s how much WPForms will cost you.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Pricing

Here’s how much Gravity Forms will cost you.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Pricing


In Conclusion, I would say that WPForms would be a better option if you’re looking at the ease of use, features, support, and functionality.

But if you’re going for a higher version where you need to build a very complex form then I would ask you to explore Gravity Forms.

Or else WPForms is the best fit as it’s easy to use and will save you a lot of headaches creating forms.

Click here to get WPForms now.

Please leave your comments and questions below if you want me to answer them.

Jehoyakim Jena

Jehoyakim Jena

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