WPForms Vs Typeform: Fight To The Death

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In this article, we’ll find out which form builder plugin actually helps you easily build contact forms and surveys on your WordPress website.

And we’ll be taking a head-on competition between WPForms and Typeform.

Here’s what I want you to take a look at when you’re considering a Form builder.

Features – Does this form builder have a feature to create more powerful forms?

Ease of Use – Is this form builder plugin easy to use, especially for beginners?

Pricing – Is the cost of this form builder suitable or more appropriate for my budget?

Support – Will I get the help I need along the way in case I run into any issues in the future?

So let’s dive into the various features and compare both of them to help you decide which one you should pick.

Table of Contents

Overview: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm Overview

TypeForm is a software tool that specializes in online form building and online surveys where you can also build contact forms, quizzes, customer feedback forms, and shopping carts.

It also gives you a few pre-designed templates where allows you to easily create forms. I know templates save time.


WPForm Overview

WPForms is a more friendly kind-of form builder plugin that allows you to create online forms like survey forms, online order forms, email subscription forms in a matter of minutes without any knowledge of code.

Isn’t that cool?

Even WPForms has a bunch of pre-built form templates which can used before you think of building any form.

I know building forms can sometimes look techie. But since you have templates, it’s easier for anybody to get started.

Plus, all the forms you create will be 100% mobile friendly, which means your website visitors can access them from their desktops, tablets, or mobile.

Features: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm’s most popular feature is that you can create conversational forms that feels authentic like you can engage and provide a better experience for your audience or customers.

Since they have a lot of these conversational form features, people who use them are automatically taken to the next question without having to scroll down.

They just need to hit enter or Okay button to continue to the next question.

It’s far more interactive and enjoyable for website visitors.

TypeForm also has an interactive feature that allows you to ask different questions based on the user’s answer to the previous questions, so now you can start to show personalized answers accordingly.

TypeForm allows you to do simple calculations in your forms and auto-populate your questions with fields and shows results as a table containing the information that you can download as a file.

It also offer file uploads, the ability to accept payments, ability to get notifications, and easily integrate with other top apps like Google Sheets and Mailchimp.


WPForm feature

WPForms has a Poll/Survey addon, where you can easily create powerful forms with multiple choice, checkboxes, start ratings, Likert scale, net promoter score and many more.

These may be some technical terms which can be used for other purposes.

Here’s what’s fun about WPforms, it’s that you can create more interactive forms that boost form completion and decrease form abandonment. 

Sometimes, you can build a full-page conversational form layout, this makes your online forms more personal, like having a face-to-face conversation with a friend.

TypeForm Ease of use

WPForms also has some smart conditional logic mode that works both with conversational forms and any other form types. By using this you can create highly-personalized forms based on the answers people choose or enter.

Another great thing about WPForms is that you can get interactive survey reports with real-time insights, you can then display real-time results from polls on your website.

If you’re liking this, please get WPForms already.

This form builder plugin also gives you the ability to accept online payments with Stripe and PayPal and it also easily integrates with all of the top email marketing services.

So now, to me WPForms is winning with all the features it has and can do for you.

Here’s how these both form builders are different.

WPForms also offers a bunch of unique fields and features for your forms that TypeForm doesn’t offer including:

User Registration – You can create custom WordPress user registration forms for eCommerce sites, membership sites, and forums.

Custom Captcha – You can add custom questions and math Captcha.

Geolocation Data – You can use the geolocation data to learn more about your users, visitors or customers.

Signature Add on – This allows users or customers to sign your online forms with the help of their mouse or touchscreen.

Form Abandonment Add on – This features is a killer one. You can unlock more leads by capturing partial entries using your forms.

Ease of Use: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm Ease of use

TypeForm easily helps to create a survey or online form using their pre-designed templates if you need surveys and questionnaires, feedback, registrations, applications, and more.

TypeForm Ease of use

TypeForm comes with pre-written questions where you just have to change them by clicking on the text and writing what you want it to be.

So when it comes creating a contact form using TypeForm there’s no simple way to do it because they don’t have any pre-designed templates and you have to write a question yourself.

How annoying and non-helpful is that?

In addition to that you need to copy and paste the HTML code that TypeForm provides in the places where you want that form to appear.

If you’re not techie, you may find this difficult.


On the other hand, even if you’re a beginner WPForms can be very user-friendly.

Here’s what nice about it – You can easily create simple contact forms or even complicated conversational forms or surveys within minutes.

Also, WPForms provides you so many pre-built templates for a variety of needs, this includes a simple contact form, request a quote form, billing/order form, donation form, suggestion form, appointment booking form, and more.

Templates actually help you save a lot of time.

WPForm ease of use

Customizing forms is easier on WPForm’s drag and drop builder.

If you don’t want a field, you can simply delete it with just a click of a button. And you can also easily add new fields or rearrange them using the drag and drop functionality that’s available.

Plus, adding a form onto your WordPress website is super easy because WPForms you don’t have to touch a single line of code. 

WPForms also comes with a widget that allows you to display your form in the sidebar, footer, or any other widget areas of your website.

They are like short codes.

Pricing: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm offers 3 different pricing plans: Free, Pro, and Pro+.

Even though you can create unlimited forms with all their plans, in the Free plan, you only get 100 responses per month and you are allowed to add only 10 questions to each form.

TypeForm Pricing

See, as a beginner if you looking to collect unlimited responses, add unlimited fields and access advanced features like file upload and payments you need to upgrade to the Pro plan which is $30 per month.

Furthermore, if you want to remove the TypeForm branding, you have to select the most expensive plan, Pro+, which costs $59 per month.

Does this sound like worth it for you?


WPForms has 4 different pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite.

Their plans range from $39.50 per year to $299.50 per year. It’s not monthly like Typeforms.

So if you’re in the basic plan, you can create and receive access to advanced features like unlimited forms, smart conditional logic, advanced fields, and more.

On the other hand with WPForms you can get an affordable solution to all your form collection needs and features when compared to Ninja Forms. (It’s also another type for form builder).

So if you want to get access to robust features like payment integration and conversational forms, you’ll need to choose the most popular plan, Pro, for $199.50 per year. (Remember it’s not monthly, just one yearly payment).

Support: WPForms vs. TypeForm


TypeForm has a helpful blog full of tips and tricks. You also have the option of contacting their support team but they only provide support during business hours Monday – Friday and offer limited support during evenings and weekends.

So, if you run into a problem, you might not get the speediest response.


WPForms offers a number of different avenues for their users to access support. So, no matter what your preference for finding solutions to your issues, WPForms has got you covered.

You can also get access their support ticket system right from your account and they typically respond to support requests within 24 hours on weekdays.

WPForm support

Here’s the highlight: they also have a Documentation section that provides you with step-by-step tutorials and screenshots in categories such as Getting Started, Functionality, Styling, Addons, Account Management, and more.



As a beginner if you want to create online forms and surveys, choosing WPForms is the best option I would suggest, because you get access to all high features, and it is affordable and they have a great support system.

Typeform may confuse you even though they may present themselves to be more visually appealing but you’re just limited to 100 responses and there’s the headache of pasting your codes on your website.

WPForms allows you unlimited functionality and support, as well as their price is just one-time yearly.

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