In this article, we’ll compare WPForms and Wufoo side by side review, so you can decide which is the form builder plugin can easily help you build contact and survey forms on your Wordpress website.

WPForms vs Wufoo: Side-by-Side Review

WPForms vs Wufoo: Side-by-Side Review
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In this article, we’ll compare WPForms and Wufoo: side by side review,  so you can decide which is the form builder plugin can easily help you build contact and survey forms on your WordPress website.

When you are choosing online contact form builder, you need to make sure it is

  • Easy to use for everyone, and even beginner friendly.
  • Has built-in features to create unique powerful forms online.
  • Always accessible to the support system when you run into a problem.
  • Has account management system that are easy to access and manage.
  • Built-with integrations system like email service providers, payment gateways and has simple form building process.
  • Reasonable price that is worth the product.

So, let’s dive into the comparison between WPForms and Wufoo forms.

Table of Contents

Overview: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForm Overview

WPForms is a beginner friendly contact form plugin that helps to create WordPress forms with little experience.

It has a drag and drop  built-in features that helps to create powerful forms with variety of fields that you can customize to your own WordPress website.

With one click of a button, you can easily build a form using the pre-made templates available.

WPForms also comes with multiple premium add-ons, where you can not only create surveys and polls and also accept payments online. 


Wufoo is an online drag and drop form builder that helps to create forms, metrics reports ans payment integrations.

With Wufoo you can also create forms and customize it based on your branding.

Ease of Use: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForms has a contact form building solution that helps to create forms which are effective and also high converting.

Moreover, if you are not creating forms using WPForms, then you are loosing potential leads, conversions and sales.

Also, it’s the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin on the market today, and truly requires no coding knowledge to create forms.

Accessing WPForms is pretty easy as it is found in the WPForm editor.

Also, when you want to add a new field to your form, you can use the drag and drop functionality. Then, click on the field to make changes. As you make changes to your fields, you’ll see those changes in real-time on your form in the preview panel.

WPForm ease of use

WPForms also allows you to access to payments from payment platforms life stripe, paypal and credit card as well.

Moreover, you can also add uniquer form fields such as 

  • Checkboxes
  • GDPR agreement
  • Date/Time
  • Rating
  • File upload
  • Captcha
  • Likert scale and 
  • Net Promoter score


Wufoo drag and drop form

With Wufoo drag and rop form builder, you can add form fields to your choices using the pre-made templates

But with the interface,it is outdated and difficult to add the right form fields. Also, the design choices can hurt your brand though you may find it overwhelming.

Moreover, to get the design choices, elements and changes to your theme, you need to use HTML.

Features: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForms has that are not only easy to use, but also helps to create powerful forms that also grabs people’s attention and make them your customers.

On the other hand, WPForms also has  features such as;

  • Smart conditional logic that can give your user’s the best experience possible and make them your customers.
  • Entry management system that organizes all entries right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Unlimited filer uploads that you can save easily save, view and access from your media library.
  • Automatic form confirmations where all three form conformation with smart conditional logic.
  • Survey and Poll form creation where you can collect responses and display the analysis of your data.
  • Partial form saving that captures abandoning site visitors, subscribers and customers.
  • Exhaustive spam protection where you can customize your own captcha and protect your forms form spam submissions.
  • Online signature form capability where you can collect signatures from your visitors on your forms.
  • Form permission and access control that password protects your forms and limit form submissions to your users.
  • Geolocation tracking where you can easily track your email campaigns.


Wufoo has very limited compared to WPForms.

There are no specialty form fields GDPR agreement, Net Captcha and Net Promoter score field. Also, you can only track using google analytics and control logic rule is limited.

Moreover, you have storage limit to file uploads. 

You also have restrictions to the number of forms to create, make entries and add fields.

Support: WPForms vs Wufoo


In  WPForms you can 24 X 7 access to the support ticket system and receive help from the knowledgeable and friendly support team.

Also you get an extensive documentation for configuring every little setting possible when required.

Moreover, you can also even check out the WPForms blog to learn tips and tricks for creating highly converting, good looking WordPress forms.

WPForms have an explicit solution of support team that are knowledgeable about how to set up your site and troubleshoot issues if you run into them.


whereas, with Wufoo, you can get access support only in two ways:

First is using the generic contact form and choosing a topic that hopefully relates to your issue.
And second is through reading articles in the Help Center.

Account Management: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForms lets you conveniently manage your forms all within your WordPress dashboard without having to leave your website.

For example, you can do the following:

  • View forms you’ve already created.
  • Create new forms.
  • Access form entries.
  • Configure settings related to: your license, email, reCAPTCHA, validation messages, payments, integrations, and more.
  • Use the import and export tools.
  • Activate add-ons that can be used on your forms immediately


Whereas with Wufoo account management system you create, save, and manage the forms you build.

For example, you can only do things like the following:

  • Access only saved forms.
  • Manage only Payment integrations.
  • Share links and embed short-codes and
  • Create Form entries.

Moreover, every time you  create a form, make a change, view an entry, or check out metrics, you have to log into your account first, and then you have to go back to your WordPress website and apply the changes you’ve made.

Integrations: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForms helps you integrate to popular payment gateway like Paypal and Stripe so that your customers can easily pay.

It also easily help you interconnect your forms to apps such as:

  • Asana
  • QuickBooks
  • Google Calendar
  • Sendy
  • Jira and much more

Lastly, WPForms helps you to integrates with the the best and most powerful email service providers like:


Wufoo helps you integrate with popular CRM tools such as Salesforce.

Also, storage solutions  is limited in your Wufoo account, and social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

For collecting payments on forms, Wufoo has 12 payment gateway integrations to choose from which can make your job harder and more expensive as you have to manage 12 different accounts.

Lastly, you can connect your forms to only email service providers like

  • Mailchimp,
  • SendLoop, and
  • Campaign Monitor.

Price: WPForms vs Wufoo


WPForm Pricing

WPForms comes in at significantly lower price points, ranging from $39.50/year for the Basic plan to $299.50/year for the Elite plan.

In fact,  with each plan upgrade, you can access more email service provider integrations, add-ons, and priority support compared to Wufoo.

To accept payments on your online forms, you’ll need the Pro plan, the most popular plan.

Which comes with a ton more features too, making this the most cost-effective form builder solution.


Wufoo has 4 highly priced premium plans to choose from ranging from $14.08/month to $183.25/month.

Each plan has their own form, entry, user, and upload storage limits.

Also, to unlock some of their best features, you have to invest in the most expensive premium plans.

Moreover, to accept payments on your forms, access Google Analytics tracking, field encryption, and password protection you need to use the Professional plan or higher, which is $349 (or more if you pay monthly).

In this article, we’ll compare WPForms and Wufoo so you can decide which is the form builder plugin can easily help you build contact and survey forms on your WordPress website.


As a beginner if you want to create online forms and surveys, choosing WPForms is the best option I would suggest, because you get access to all high features, and it is affordable and they have a great support system, integration and management system.

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